Computer Morphing

Computer Morphing is perhaps one of the most important things that we can do for you during the consultation. This will help us, together, understand what you are thinking. Based on these pictures, we can decide how to tailor our procedure to get what you want. Also morphing requires an understanding from the surgeon the shadows and highlights that you need to know to get the best results. The more qualified plastic surgeon will be able to understand the rhinoplasty computer morphing process and also the procedure itself. Below are some pictures that we would like for you to send us for us to carry out some initial morphing for you to see and start thinking about your rhinoplasty. The most important 2 pictures that we would like to use during your consultation are the front and lateral photographs. Most of the time we will use these 2 pictures unless there is some anatomical difference that would be of significance requiring more views. Also the front and lateral photographs are what we refer to the most during your Rhinplasty.

photos for consultation

We use the program United Imaging for your information. This program allows us to shape your nose on the computer for you to get a picture of what your nose could look like. One thing to understand is that these morphed pictures are the ideal. Sometimes, achieving may not be completely possible based on your anatomy. We are very confident that you will look markedly better from your Rhinoplasty. Importantly, we do all we can to achieve those results and we feel we have a great track record in getting your results very similar to the pictures.

What are some of the questions we might ask you regarding Rhinoplasty Computer Morphing. We typically will want to know how narrow you would like your bridge, tip and width of your nose. Having an idea of what you might want is important. What helps sometimes is to find people, celebrities online of noses that you like. This will help you start thinking about the ideal nose for you. One thing to realize is that a nose on someone else may not fit your face. So we can see if a particular nose will fit you through Rhinoplasty Computer Morphing. Please email you ideal noses to us and we will download them to your file. This will help us morph your pictures when the time comes. To continue, we will ask you how much of a slope you want from your bridge to your nasal tip. We will ask you how wide you will want the base of your bridge. The bridge is the portion of the nose above, or superior, to your tip that is the most forward part of this area. It is the part of this area of the nose that has the most highlight and is typically considered the bridge. But at the base of this area, referred to as the root of the nose, you can also have an idea of how wide you would like this area to be as well. The bridge and root area are treated differently in Rhinoplasty. So having some idea regarding this difference will help us during our consultation and during your Rhinoplasty procedure.

Before and After Rhinoplasty