Consultation Process:

We would like to go over our consultation process so that you can become familiar with it so that when you come in you will be more comfortable with everything. The Consultation Process Begins with your initial phone call. During this time we will request some basic information like your name, email, cell phone so that we can get a hold of you when needed. We will also have you fill out our patient consultation form that can be found here: Patient Forms. It is also helpful to read through our general consent | HIPAA | Photo | Video Consent. This is a basic that all plastic surgery offices will have you sign. We will not use your photos wihtout your consent, this is merely to give us consent to take your pictures for your use only. We use these pictures to discuss your consultation and your before and afters that will occur in the future.

We then will schedule your consultation. Our Consultation times are from 7-3pm most days. Wednesdays we open from 12-6. We will do our best to work with your schedule. Most of the times, our procedures days are monday, tuesday, and thursdays. Wednesdays and Fridays are our main consultation days but we always try to accomodate you. During your phone call and consultation we will go over your procedure, range of pricing, and information on our Doctors, and some possible times that you are thinking about your procedure. We have some options for your consultation. A complimentary consultation is done mostly with our patient care coordinators with a brief 5-10 minute period with our Doctors. We have a paid consultation option where you can have 30 - 45 minutes with Dr. Young and our Doctors. So please let us know what option you would like to choose. Our consultation fees are from $95-125.

During your consultation, we will go over briefly Dr. Young or our other Doctors. We will then discuss your Rhinoplasty or other procedures you might be interested in. Your patient coordinator will go over Your Rhinoplasty and other procedures that you are thinking about. Your patient care coordinator can also suggest what other procedures you might benefit from and what our Doctors would most likely suggest. Our patient care coordinators spend a lot of time with our Doctors to understand their thought processes and our usually correct most of the time. They will also go over the price range for Your Rhinoplasty and other procedures. The Doctor will then come in for your consult. Computer Morphing: we would like to morph some pictures of your nose for you to get an idea of what your nose might look like after the Rhinoplasty. This will help us understand what you are interested in. The Doctor will morph these pictures with you and you can play a major role in deciding what you would like your nose to look like. What can also facilitate your procedure are pictures of noses that you might like, such as pictures of noses from celebrities or other models, etc. During the procedure, we use these morphed pictures and the pictures of noses that you like from other people. We post these pictures on our Procedure wall and refer to them throughout the whole procedure. Also during the consultation we will spend some time understanding your preferences and desires. This will help us make decisions for you during the procedure. We will ask you based on the morphed picture whether you would prefer a smaller tip or larger tip based on what we morph. We do our best to achieve the results like the morphed as much as possible. But, Rhinoplasty is not Magic. Variable healing, genetics, health issues, etc. can have an effect on your ultimate results which are many times out of our control. After the consultation with the Doctor, we will then determine how much we need to do for your Rhinoplasty. Based on this, we will discuss this as a team the final cost for your Rhinoplasty.

Scheduling Your Rhinoplasty: During the consultation or after, you will decide when you would like your Rhinoplasty. Our schedule varies, sometimes we can have things schedule for a couple of months in advance. However, we do try to keep Wednesdays and Fridays open and these days can be opened up at times to fit you in. We have 2 options for reserving your date for your procedure; 1.) is a non refundable deposit of $500; 2.) is a refundable deposit up to 2 weeks before your procedure. Since we take full payment at 2 weeks before your procedure, after the 2 weeks mark the date for your procedure becomes more solidified. Because we reserve a large time slot for your procedure, if you cancel your procedure within 2 weeks you will be charged 30% of your total cost of your procedure. If you cancel within 1 week, you will be charged 50% of the total cost of your procedure.

Pre Procedure Appt: We will schedule a pre procedure appointment for you 2 weeks before your procedure. It is on this day that we will go over your procedure in more detail. We will have you read through your consents and to prepare you for signing them on the day of your procedure. You can visit our Rhinoplasty Patients Forms Page to read through all of our consents by opening up the Rhinoplasty Care Package. During your preprocedure appointment, we will go over the whole consultation process again and review your morphed pictures and refine what we did last time. It is also at this time that we take full payment. At this 2 week appointment, we will also schedule your medical risk assessments to be done by you and your primary care physician or other speciailist that are needed. We will also ask you to stop blood thinners, heavy drinking, smoking and illicit drugs 2 weeks before and after your procedure. We will also remind you to stop eating and drinking at least 6 hours before your procedure. Prior to this 6 hour point we would like you to drink 32-64 ounces of Gatorade to help us start your IV the next morning. We will also have you bring in all of your own medications and the medications that we will prescribe for you. We would like to review them to make sure that the pharmacist wrote your prescriptions exactly the way we want them.

The Day Before Your Procedure. We would like you to take a preoperative shower with chlorohexidine. You can visit our Patient Forms page to read more on this. Also 6 hours before your procedure we would like you to drink 32-64 gatorade or something with solutes in it and not just water. You should also have all of your medications picked up and all of your post procedure care items including qtips, vaseline, distilled water, white vinegar, icing products, gauze, tape, nasal saline rinses, Afrin nasal Sprays. We also have some preoperative reminders also on our Patients Form Page

The Day of your Procedure: on the day of your actual procedure we will go over most of the consultation again. We will refine your morphed pictures. We will also discuss these pictures and find out your preferences. We will ask you, based on your morphed pictures, whether you would prefer a smaller or larger tip. For your bridge, we will ask you if you would rather have a straight dorsum or a dorsum that is more sloping or set back compared to the tip, etc. Your medical history will be reviewed along with any medical risk assessments. Most of your consents will be signed this day. For your caretaker, we will fill them in on your post procedure care along with the consents for your caretaker. We will coordinate with your caretaker with how long the procedure will take and when they can expect you to be finished. They are welcome to call back any time to find out the progress of your rhinoplasty.