Crooked Nose Deformity Rhinoplasty

Below are some Before and After Images of a Rhinoplasty done for a Crooked Deviated Nose Deformity. The treatment for a crooked nose is probably the hardest challenge for the Rhinoplasty Surgeon. Below we will illustrate to you the options and nuances of Rhinoplasty for a Crooked Nose:

Ethnic Broken Bulbous Nose Ethnic Broken Bulbous Nose

Crooked Nose Deformity: A broken nose may seem like an easy fix. Sometimes this can be the case, other times is couldn't be farther from the truth. Timing can play a part. For injuries within a week, a crooked broken nose can be fixed through what is called a closed reduction. Under local anesthesia or more significant sedation, a surgeon can take an elevator and move the nose back into position to allow it to heal for the long term. After 2 weeks, this becomes much harder and a formal Rhinoplasty most likely will be required. With a rhinoplasty, there are many structures that may need to be restructured to allow the nose to come back to the middle. In some earlier topics, we cover how to address the Asymmetric Tip, Asymmetric Bridge, Asymmetric Nostrils.

Rhinoplasty for a Crooked Nose: One of the main things a Rhinoplasty Surgeon must do is straighten the septum. A straight septum is the start of everything. If this is not done then everything subsequent to that is much harder. Below is a picture of the septum and the following image shows where it is in this picture. These are the options for straightening the septum: 1. You can take all the parts that are crooked out and straighten them and them put them back; 2. You can do that then flip them and reorient them which sometimes reverses the original deviation. 3. You can weaken the septum by making cuts into the septum to allow it to readjust to the middle; 4. You can place scoring cuts on the concave sides of the septum which allows the concave side to open up; 5. You can place spreader grafts in the way that allows the nose to appear in the middle... and so on.

Crooked Hispanic Nose

The picture above shows the septum during surgery of one of our patients. The picture below outlines the septum and its location in this picture in blue:

Crooked Hispanic Nose

The picture below shows a before and after image of a person with a Crooked Nose corrected through Rhinoplasty. It required us to release all the structures through destructuring. The septum was straightened by cutting through the crooked parts and readjusting and connecting them in a straight manner. The bone were carefully manipulated to release their memory of being in a crooked state. The tip cartilages were released and realigned. This allowed the nose to come to the middle.

Crooked Hispanic Nose Crooked Hispanic Nose