Rhinoplasty and Facial Beauty


Dr. Philip Young is an award winning Beauty Theorist who discovered a New Theory on Facial Beauty and Rhinoplasty | Nose Beauty called the Circles of Prominence. The original paper was published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery and received Best Basic Science Research Paper and the Sir Harold Delf Gillies Award. This gives our team a distinct advantage in getting You the best results possible with Rhinoplasty. We are going to explain some of the elements of this theory and how it pertains to you, your Rhinoplasty, and how it will make Your personal Facial Beauty the best it can be.Here is the link to that original paper: Circles of Prominence and a New Theory on Facial Beauty

Previous theories on Nose | Facial Beauty relating to Rhinoplasty: Leonardo da Vinci's Neoclassical cannons; Theory of avergeness; Golden Number of Phi; Cephalometry; Golden Mask; have all been based on external landmarks that You and I spend very little time looking at when we see a face. This is one of the main reasons why previous theories have failed to find out the answers. Dr. Philip Young spent 4-5 years thinking about this subject which ultimately culminated in to a new theory to explain this. He realized that these external landmarks were not what people based their decisions on whether a face was beautiful or not. What we look at most of the time will be the key to finding this secret. During his studies, he knew the eyes were the key, but what part of them. The Circles of Prominence is based on the main idea that the iris is the anatomical object that we spend the most time focusing on. Because we are looking for the ideal face to define facial beauty, everything on the face also has to have an ideal. Because we spend so much time looking at the iris, every shape, distance, size is defined by the iris, the iris' width, height and round apperance.

Below is one of the major figures in our landmark paper. What it shows is that because we spend so much time looking at the iris, it is the median that we use to define some key distances. The distance from the bottom of the eyebrow to the eyelid margin where the eyelash originates, the width of the nasal bridge, the size and shape of the nasal tip, the distance from the bottom of the nose to the top of the upper lip, and the size of the tissue covering the nostril or Alae all should be one iris width.

Facial Beauty Figure Image 1

How does this apply to Your Rhinoplasty results and ideal nose? That is the most important part of why we wanted to discover a new theory on facial beauty. Based on this knowledge, we know that ideally we should have your bridge and tip about the width of the iris. Also the tip should be equally separated from the horizontal level of the iris and the center of the lower lip. As you can see below, our previous paper discovered that your eyes nose and mouth should be equally separated by 3 iris widths. More specifically, the distance from the horizontal level of the iris to the center of the nasal tip highlight should be 3 iris widths ideally. The distance from the nasal tip to the center of the lower lip should also ideally be 3 iris widths. From a rhinoplasty standpoint, we can move your tip up and down to make this happen. The Rhinoplasty result should markedly enhance the Beauty of your Nose and the beauty of your face as a whole.

Facial Beauty Figure Image 2: Balance between the Eyes, Nose, Mouth