Out Of Town Consultation

Many of our patients are from Out of Town. So this page will help facilitate your consultation. For our Out of Town Consultations, we are able to do most of our assessment over the phone or through Skype, Facetime, or Google Chat. Taking the right pictures is perhaps the most important thing in our assessment. Please follow this link to find out how to take the pictures we need for the consultation here: Photos for Consultation.

photos for consultation

The basic things we need for a consultation is the patient consultation form that you can find here: Patient Forms, and the photos for consultation that we just discussed. On the day of your consult you will first have a discussion with our patient care coordinator. Then you will meet with the Doctor who will go over all of your thoughts about what you would like changed. The Doctor will morph pictures for you and send them to you for you to review. The initial morphed pictures will be a starting point to further our discussions. We will go over the morphing process at least 3 times before your Rhinoplasty. Once during your consultation, another time during pre procedure appointment, and on the day of your procedure. There may be times when you will do this more than 3 times.

During your out of town consultation, we will find out about your thoughts and what we can do for you. We will find out your tendencies and preferences. For example, we will find out if you would rather err on the side of a smaller tip or a larger tip. We will discover whether you would prefer more of a sloping bridge or a straight bridge. Your desire for a thinner versus a larger bridge will be learned. Most of this will be related to your morphed pictures and how it relates to these pictures. These desires and preferences are important because Rhinoplasty is not a magical thing but it is based on a lot of factors such as healing, genetics, the care you put in. So if we know your preferences we can make important decisions to more likely achieve what you envision.