Plastic Surgery Mission and Value Statement




Seattle Rhinoplasty Expert and Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery, PLLC is a caring, high quality office based plastic surgery center that provides facial reconstructive and plastic surgery services consistent with current professional knowledge, with safety, competence, and integrity to help accomplish the long-term improvement desired by our patients.  The facility operates exclusively for the purpose of providing care to patients not requiring hospitalization and in which the expected duration of services would not exceed 24 hours following an admission.




We act on our mission daily by:

A. Listening carefully and respectfully to each patient to create a unique individualized care plan that meets or exceeds the patients’ improvement needs and expectations.

B. Striving to deliver and continuously improve the most technically sophisticated, effective and highest quality laser and surgical services in a friendly, caring environment.

C. Striving to create and sustain an organization based on personal trustworthiness, openness and integrity where people work in teams that show mutual support, trust, and respect.

D. Encouraging each staff member to proactively participate in continuous learning and personal development in order to improve quality, protect the patient, enrich the workplace and positively change the community.

E. Maintaining referral networks with other high quality professionals who share similar value so we can extend the range of our services and enhance the satisfaction of our patients.

F. Conduct our activities in a thorough, ethical, confidential and efficient manner to fully support the smooth delivery of laser and surgical services to our patients and to provide cash surpluses for the growth and improvement of the staff and the business.