Pre Procedure Appointment

Before and After Rhinoplasty

The Pre Procedure Appointment is the appointment that occurs after your consultation(s). This appointment is usually set up at least 2 weeks before your procedure. The reason for this is that it will give you at least 2 weeks to be of blood thinners, a very important thing to remember and achieve. You will need to be off all blood thinners 2 weeks before and after your procedure. Also for this same period, we also want you to avoid smoking, heavy drinking, and the use of illicit drugs. Click here to read our list of these: medications to avoid. You can also access all of our patient forms here: Patient Care. Also the 2 weeks are necessary in the case that you may have other medical problems that we need to address to make sure you are fit to have surgery. Can you find out if you are a candidate based on medica reasons here: Rhinoplasty, Am I a good Candidate

During your Pre Procedure Appointment, we will go over your health in more detail. Typically, when are over 50 we will get a medical risk assessment to assess your tolerance for undergoing a procedure. Our Rhinoplasties are done under Intravenous Sedation and not Generally Anesthesia most all of the time. We feel this is a safer approach to Rhinoplasty. Some of the typical questions we will ask you are: "Can you walk up 2 flights of stairs or exercise without chest pain or shortness of breath (like you are going to keel over)?"; "Do you ever wake up choking at night, have problems turning your neck | opening your mouth, have previous radiation therapy to the neck, have previous tumors in the head and neck area, have bad arthritis in the neck, have previous tracheotomy or other airway surgeries?". If you have significant medical problems we will also get a medical risk assessment. If you are over 40 and are a smoker of more than 5 pack years or with other minor medical problems are also situations where we will get a medical risk assessment. Also during your medical assessment, you will receive a directed |full body examination.

On this particular Rhinoplasty Preparation Appointment, we will also go over your consents. You can also find your consents on our Patient Care Page and here: Rhinoplasty Care Packet. Just as you would assume all the risks under the sun when you cross the street, because we are taking care of you we will need to mention these same similar risks. The risks will include bleeding, infection, death, anesthesia, damage to organs | nerves | vessels, damage to eye | brain | nose structure | nose function. These risks are extraordinarily rare. Our infection rate at our institution was recently calculated to be 0.63% or less than 1 % which is well below the national average of 2-3%. Please read through all of the Rhinoplasty Care Packet to read your consents.

Finally, we will take pictures which are at least 12 in number. Full payment is required on this day or 2 weeks before the procedure. We take virtually all types of credit cards, checks, etc. We also have 2 financing options. Click here for Seattle Rhinplasty Expert Financing Options.