From the Rhinoplasty Consultation to a Beautiful New You

This section goes over what the whole process will be like from your Rhinoplasty Consultation to a Beautiful New You. Understanding this process, will go a long way in helping you feel more confident about this new journey you are about to take. By going through these topics, you will feel like you have been there before. This will help put you at ease more and this will in turn most likely help you with getting the best results from your Rhinoplasty Procedure.

We will first start out by finding out if you will be a good candidate for Rhinoplasty. During your initial consultation, we will find out if you will be a good candidate based on anatomical, psychological, emotional, etc factors here: Am I a good Rhinoplasty Candidate?. Next we will walk you through the Rhinoplasty Consultation Process so that you are familiar with what you will experience. Doing so will set you a little more at ease and will allow you to concentrate on more important questions. You can find the forms that will be helpful to fill out prior to coming in here: Rhinoplasty Patient Forms. If you are from out of town, we can facilitate the whole experience virtually for your initial consultations and meetings. We can set most all of your appointments to be done virtually and review your medical history and physical when you come in for your actual rhinoplasty procedure. From here it will be good for us to go through your Rhinoplasty Pre Procedure Appointment and let you know what we usually go through and what you will expect on this appointment. During this appointment we will request medical risk assessments and also prescribe your medications for the procedure and have you stop all blood thinners. Click here for some Rhinoplasty preoperative reminders.After this appointment comes the day of the procedure which we will spend more time going over your procedure and your morphed pictures. We will be sure to answer all of your questions.